Siah Armajani’s “Follow This Line” at Walker Art Centre, Minneapolis, MN, USA

09th September 2018

Until 30 December 2018

Curated by Clare Davies and Victoria Sung

“Follow This Line” is the first comprehensive US retrospective devoted to the work of Minneapolis-based artist Siah Armajani. Siah Armajani (b. 1939, Tehran) moved to the United States from Iran in 1960. Since then, he completed nearly one hundred projects that are realised internationally. He is recognised as a leading figure in the conceptualisation of the role and function of public art. Armajani is best known today for his works of public art—bridges, gazebos, gardens, reading rooms—sited across the United States and Europe.

This groundbreaking exhibition spans six decades of the artist’s studio practice and engages a range of references—from Persian calligraphy to the manifesto, letter, and talisman; from poetry to mathematical equations and computer programming; from the Abstract Expressionist canvas to the vernacular architecture of rural America, Bauhaus design, and Russian Constructivism. Siah Armajani recounts that the simple gesture of children walking home from school, scraping their pencils against the walls, speaks to the desire to mark one’s presence in space.  Visitors are asked to follow the artist across a shifting terrain, first within the context of pre-revolution Iran, and later, postwar and present-day America.