Palden Weinreb: Veiled Realities, 6 February – 19 March

21st January 2015


Rossi & Rossi
27 Dover Street
London W1S 4LZ

Tibetan-American artist Palden Weinreb presents Veiled Realms: a new departure into three-dimensional works that explore the ambiguous nature of space.

Since his childhood, Weinreb has incorporated parts of Tibetan Buddhism into his base of inspirations. Regarding his artistic activities, he notes, “In some ways, I have created a sense of personal spirituality by mining my experiences and background. Borrowing from Tibetan Buddhism, New Age theory, utopian modernism and science, I look for overlapping and collective ideas and forms that speak to me”. What results from his artistic practice is something that seems to exist in a place beyond the realm of human understanding. “I think the general goal in my work is to transcend the viewer’s perception”, he says, “and take it to a space or existence that lies beyond our comprehension”.

Weinreb’s new body of three-dimensional works adopt concrete motifs from Tibetan Buddhism including offering bowls, sutras and pagodas, as well as abstract forms that seem to resemble vessels, containers and lighthouses. These works appear to attempt to usher our consciousness into a realm beyond the façades of our existence.

Image: Palden Weinreb, An Empty Host, 2014, mixed media, height 274 cm (108 in), diameter 86 cm (34 in).