Palden Weinreb in ‘Drawn From Nature’ at Asia Society

11th January 2016

19 SEPTEMBER 2015–21 FEBRUARY 2016

Asia Society
1370 Southmore Blvd
Houston TX 77004

Artists have been deeply influenced by nature for centuries, and perhaps nowhere more so than in Asia. Drawn from Nature brings together a group of contemporary artists for whom nature plays a pivotal role in the inspiration for, and execution of, their artworks. Sopheap Pich forms sculpture out of organic materials such as rattan, beeswax, bamboo, and burlap. The sculptures echo vegetal, geometric, and corporal forms while referencing his themes of time, memory, and the body. Mineko Grimmer’s sculptural sound installations position pebbles frozen with water into forms above wire and wood sculptures. As time passes in the gallery, the frozen mass slowly melts and the small stones fall upon the sculptures below, creating a visceral connection with the sounds of nature. Palden Weinreb uses his deep study of the geometry inherent in nature and its relationship to Tibetan Buddhist philosophy to render ephemeral drawings and sculpture which give viewers a heightened sense of spatial awareness, and their relative position in the larger environment. These artists featured in Asia Society Texas Center’s first-ever exhibition dedicated to nature allow visitors to see its continuing impact as a source of artistic inspiration in the contemporary context.

Image: Palden Weinreb, Cascade of the Enshrined, 2011, mixed media, 198 x 193 cm (79 x 72 in)