Lee Mingwei in “Brief Encounters ’18” at Lustwarande – Platform for Contemporary Scultpure, Museumtijdschrift, Tilburg, the Netherlands

26th May 2018

Brief Encounters ’18 presents art projects by Lee Mingwei (TW), Shana Moulton (US) and Nick Steur (NL). Under the title Brief Encounters, the audience will only have one day to experience Lee’s artwork- Song Forest (2018)

Almost all the work of Lee Mingwei, is not so much about the creation of art objects, it is instead about establishing intimate interpersonal contact. The work is incomplete and meaningless without the visitor’s active participation. Viewers become a participant in the work by performing a certain action. This active contribution to a project makes visitors highly aware of themselves and of the degree to which they, as individuals, are prepared to be vulnerable and to trust the artist and/or the other participant(s). In the creation of this intimate contact, Lee makes use of different disciplines, such as architecture, dance, music, and poetry.

It was a fascinating experience in Brief Encounters: the innocence of the young boy offering the invitation, the world-famous romantic sounds shimmering through the trees, played especially for you by a master pianist who was sitting right in front of you. Many visitors shed a tear.