Heman Chong, unrealised: “Past, Lives (Singapore, 1819–2015)”, National Gallery of Singapore

03rd October 2017

unrealised: “Past, Lives (Singapore, 1819–2015)”
National Gallery of Singapore

unrealised is a digital extension of the Gallery’s exhibitions accessible only via the Gallery Explorer app. Developed in dialogue with artists Heman Chong, Ho Tzu Nyen and Erika Tan, it links and tests the potentials of the digital image pervasive in our post-information age within the physical spaces of the two long-term displays, Siapa Nama Kamu? and Between Declarations and Dreams featured in the DBS Singapore Gallery and UOB Southeast Asia Gallery respectively.

Heman Chong, Past, Lives (Singapore, 1819–2015)
Past, Lives (Singapore, 1819–2015) 
gathers and reframes as many exhibition titles as possible from 1819–2015 of all modern and contemporary art exhibitions made in Singapore. What is in a name?

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