Heman Chong in “Never is a Promise” at Calle Wright, Manila, Philippines

27th February 2018

Until 26 May 2018

Calle Wright is a new space for contemporary art within a two-story domestic house located in the heart of Malate, Manila. Opening Calle Wright is “Never is a Promise,” by Malaysian artist Heman Chong and Filipino artist Gary-Ross Pastrana.

“Never is a Promise” charts a set of slow, open-ended conversations between Chong and Pastrana that began in 2017. Chong and Pastrana dialogue with each other, as artist-curators and mentors with similar practices and interests. For this show, the artists have decided to show a selection of works that they have made in the past, which have been “neglected, discarded, under-exhibited, or completely forgotten.”

Parallel to this, Chong and Pastrana have also each selected a work from their practice that has been exhibited repeatedly, almost to the point of exhaustion. They have decided to keep these two pieces a secret, so that viewers may come to visit the exhibition and experience them, yet again.