David Medalla at the 14th Biennale de Lyon: Floating Worlds

06th October 2017

David Medalla, 14th Biennale de Lyon: Floating Worlds
Until 7 January, 2018
La Sucrière and macLyon
Lyon, France

Cloud Canyon, by David Medalla, is on view in the 14th Biennale de Lyon, France.

Created in 1963, Cloud Canyons is a bubble machine, the result of several personal experiences: flying over the Grand Canyon, visiting a Scottish brewery, a soap factory in Marseilles, observing clouds in Manila Bay… but also more personal memories like coconut milk cooked by his mother, or foam on the mouth of a resistance fighter dying under the blows of an occupying Japanese. David Medalla seeks to annihilate the barriers between spectators and the work of art, and to give free rein to the imagination. The visitor can thus project their own interpretations on the cloudy forms created by the bubble machines.