Heman Chong in ‘Countershadows (tactics in evasion)’ at Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore

08th September 2014


Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore
Gallery 1, 2 and TriSpace, Basement 1
1 McNally Street
Singapore 187940

Private view: Friday 19 September, 6.30pm

Countershadows (tactics in evasion) is a curatorial project by Melanie Pocock that looks at art characterised by its evasive concepts and aesthetics. Referring to the graphic technique of countershading, in which gradations of colour are used to camouflage a subject or object, the exhibition explores how exposure and concealment are often intertwined, each paradoxically “revealing” the qualities and axioms of the other. Featuring existing and commissioned installation, video, sculpture, photography, and drawing by artists from Singapore, Countershadows (tactics in evasion) creates a dynamic play between the artworks and the gallery space, encouraging viewers to look within, around, and beyond, for insight.

Artists include: Heman Chong, Tamares Goh, Ho Rui An, Sai Hua Kuan, Jeremy Sharma, Tan Peiling, Robert Zhao Renhui (The Institute of Critical Zoologists).

Image: Heman Chong, Monument to the People We’ve Conveniently Forgotten (I Hate You), 2008, offset prints on 280 gsm paper, each 9 x 5.5 cm (2¼ x 3½ in), approx. 1 million copies.