Christopher Doyle’s “Why I Am Not A Painter” at House by kubrick @ MOViE MOViE Cityplaza, Hong Kong

28th April 2018

Until 25 May 2018
Christopher Doyle’s Collage Art Exhibition

A collage art exhibition by cinematographer Christopher Doyle Why I Am Not A Painter features 12 of his newly created artworks in between the time he spent behind camera at film sets.

Collage art is the crossover of different objects and images. They remind Chris of who he is and what artistic creation means to him:

“Collages are colours and forms and images thrown together to see what might become of them, to embrace their chance encounter, to be amused and surprised by the ideas a few bits of paper stuck together may reveal to me and you.

I am not a painter. You may know me for my films and perhaps my terrible acting. I hope there is more, because the sun setting over into the sea , how woman’s skin changes with the light , or the sounds and smells of a wet market are paintings that fill my days and inform my work . True, though I may not be a painter : there too many poems I need to get out of me.”

For those who enjoy Chris’ cinematography, the exhibition offers a chance to peek into Chris’ complete visual world.