Because, the night – a second hand bookshop for insomniacs by Heman Chong

20th September 2017

10pm – 4am
9 – 11 & 16 – 18 November 2017
72-13, Singapore

Based on a list of 50 books culled from a series of informal conversations (touching on inequality, racism, homophobia, overpopulation, forced migration, exploitation of labor, overconsumption, climate change, etc) with friends and strangers on Facebook, ‘Because, the Night’ is a non-profit, second-hand bookshop produced by artist Heman Chong that will inhabit 72-13 for six nights in November 2017. It is open between 10 pm to 4 am; a space built for people who can’t sleep at night, a temporary home for insomniacs. Books include ‘Men Explain Things to Me’ by Rebecca Solnit, ‘2666’ by Roberto Bolaño, ‘The Bluest Eye’ by Toni Morrison, ‘Archaeologies of the Future’ by Frederic Jameson and many, many more.

For more information please visit here.