Nicole Wong in group show – Very Natural Actions 藏木於林 @TaiKwunContemporary

02nd October 2019

End of September welcomed the opening of a group exhibition at Tai Kwun Contemporary, featuring our artist Nicole Wong, titled Very Natural Actions 藏木於林, curated by Andre Chan and Jing Chin-yin Chong.

We saw Wong’s work showcase an abstraction of habitats to highlight its inhumane aesthetics, the depth of questions that are raised, in this artworks concern for our natural habitat, allows for us to bring up debates surrounding the social and ecological changes of our time.

Plastic – the earth’s new dirty word, one that haunts our planet like a plague. The very indestructible material used to protect us in many ways, is the very material destroying our planet as we humans continue to abuse its versatility.

There are now numerous studies to suggest just exactly how we are killing ourselves and many species of life with the unnecessary over-consumption of plastic, even the use of plastic/nylon tea bags allows for plastic to enter our system and the extent of harm and effects of ingesting this is still unknown…[1]

Wong’s piece titled “Perfect Estate” opens up a pivotal dialogue between nature and the built environment and laminates the collective self-destruction of our human race, via the sick desire to conform to synthetic ideals

“Shelter is a basic human need. Yet our most ideal living environments tend towards the artifical and away from our biological needs. Nicole Wong’s work often employs objects as metaphors, altering readymades commonly found in daily life and weaving them into new narratives. Perfect Estate is composed of metal racks from shops, dotted with shells; this represents natural habitats, and yet is situated in a miniature Zen garden, made to mimic nature. The work explores whether the human living environments generated by “perfectionist aesthetics” are divorced from actual needs and in turn have become commodified. Compared to the habitats of nature’s panoply of creatures, have humans actually advanced or fallen behind?⁠”

Remember that the only way we can generate change for the greater good is to first make changes to our own lives

Exhibition ends 31st December 2019

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