12th February 2018

Fabio Rossi, amongst the foremost dealers in Classical and Contemporary Asian art, is delighted to announce a new partnership with Giovanni Martino in Hong Kong.

This exciting development in the gallery’s programme and expertise is in response to the growing market demand for Western art in Asia. Together, Rossi and Martino aim to bring greater attention in Asia to modern and contemporary European artists, focusing initially on Italian Post-War and Contemporary Art.

Operating under the Rossi & Rossi umbrella, Fabio Rossi and Giovanni Martino will work closely with artists’ estates and also promote mid-career artists. In addition, they will hold high-quality, historical exhibitions and develop the secondary market of renowned artists such as Lucio Fontana, Piero Manzoni and Enrico Castellani.

First on the agenda, from 7 April 2018 at Rossi & Rossi Hong Kong, is an exhibition by the late artistic polymath Aldo Mondino (1938-2005), a charismatic figure of the Post-War European art scene known for his anarchic approach to art. The show will feature in particular Mondino’s coveted paintings on linoleum from the 1980s and 1990s.

Rossi & Rossi was established in 1985 in London by Anna Maria Rossi, who was later joined by her son, Fabio. Together they established a reputation as leading dealers in classical Indian and Himalayan art, early Chinese and Central Asian textiles and works of art. In 2005, Rossi & Rossi also embarked on an exhibition programme of contemporary Asian artists. Today, they continue to pursue both specialities from their galleries in Hong Kong and London.

Over the years, Rossi & Rossi’s groundbreaking exhibitions and scholarly publications, in both the classical and contemporary realms, have solidified the gallery’s status as leaders in the wide-ranging field of Asian art.

For Fabio Rossi, the new partnership with Giovanni Martino is a natural evolution of the gallery and of his own trajectory in the art world. He explained: “My personal interests, inspired by my family and my mentors, have always been wider than my professional ones. This is an opportunity to develop exciting projects in an area–Post-War and Contemporary Western art with a particular focus on Italian artists–that I am already familiar with. Having Giovanni on board will bring incredible value as he has extensive knowledge in this area and invaluable contacts with artists and collectors.”

Giovanni Martino is a second-generation dealer based between Lugano and Milan, who is following in the footsteps of his late father, one of the most respected and successful private dealers of his generation. He commented, “I am thrilled with this opportunity to bring to the attention of a new audience Western artists for whom I have tremendous interest and passion.  Working with Fabio and the team at Rossi & Rossi is a privilege as they have already established themselves in Hong Kong as one of the leading galleries with a diverse programme.  I am confident that together we will be able to develop unique projects and inspire collectors in the region.”

Fabio Rossi,作為古典及當代亞洲藝術業內首屈一指的藝術商,欣然宣布在香港與Giovanni Martino達成全新的合作夥伴關係。

隨著亞洲市場對於西方藝術的熱情方興未艾,Fabio與Martino亦希望在這一領域專注發展,作為回應。通過合作,Rossi 與 Martino意在引起亞洲市場對於當代歐洲藝術家的注意,尤其以義大利戰後及現代藝術為首。

通過Rossi & Rossi 的運作,Fabio Rossi 與 Giovanni Martino將會通力合作,密切關注藝術家的作品,同時推動事業中期的藝術家。同時,他們還會舉辦高水準且具有歷史意義的展覽,並著意在二級市場上推動卓有聲譽的藝術家,例如Lucio Fontana,Piero Manzoni 和 Enrico Castellani。

合作的第一步,Rossi & Rossi香港將於2018年4月7日推出一位義大利畫家及雕塑家的展覽,Aldo Mondino(1938-2005)。Aldo Mondino博學多才,運用無所拘束的方法創作藝術,他是歐洲戰後最為重要的藝術家之一。是次展覽將會特別呈現1980年代至1990年代Mondino最引人注意的油布繪畫。

Rossi & Rossi由 Anna Maria Rossi於1985年在倫敦創立, 隨後其子Fabio加入其中。他們在印度古典藝術、喜馬拉雅藝術中國早期及中亞藝術領域聲譽卓著,2005年,Rossi & Rossi開始著手當代亞洲藝術。如今,Rossi & Rossi在香港和倫敦均擁有藝術空間,不懈地推動其專門的藝術領域。

長久以來,Rossi & Rossi富有開創性的展覽及專業的出版物,更進一部地鞏固了其在亞洲藝術領域的領導地位。

對Fabio Rossi來說,與Giovanni Martino的合作是畫廊水到渠成的自然發展,也是他在藝術領域的必經之路。他如此說道:“我個人的興趣愛好,由我的家人和老師激發,其實遠廣闊於我的職業需求。這是一次極好的機會,去探索一個新領域——戰後及當代藝術,尤其是我已經較為熟悉的義大利藝術家。Giovanni 在這一領域的淵博的學識及豐厚的人脈,都是無可估量的寶貴價值。

Giovanni Martino子承父業,是第二代藝術商,他的父親是當時最為成功的私人藝術商之一,常駐盧加諾和米蘭。Giovanni曾說:“有機會可以為觀眾呈現一位我個人極為欣賞並懷有極大熱情的西方藝術家,我感到非常激動。能和Fabio以及Rossi & Rossi 畫廊團隊合作是我的榮幸,Rossi&Rossi已經在香港建立領導地位,並廣泛涉及各個領域。我相信我們的合作可以獲得獨特的成就,並激發亞洲地區的藏家熱情。