Zahra Malkani & Shahana Rajani with Abeera Kamran

Zahra Malkani (b. 1986) & Shahana Rajani (b. 1987) are an artist duo based in Karachi, Pakistan exploring the politics of infrastructure and development in the rapidly transforming city. Malkani and Rajani are also co-founders of the Karachi LaJamia, an anti-institution seeking to politicise art education and explore new radical pedagogies and art practices.

Abeera Kamran (b. 1987) is a visual designer and a web-developer based in Birmingham and Karachi. Her creative practice is research-based and lies at the intersections of design, archiving practices and the internet. In collaboration with Zahra Malkani and Shahana Rajani, she designs and publishes Exhausted Geographies, a publication which critically engages with the politics of representation and map-making. She co-curated an exhibition in November 2017 at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery called ‘The Past is Now: Birmingham and The British Empire’ which interrogates Birmingham’s relationship with the British Empire and attempts to decolonise some of the museum’s colonial collection.

  • Zahra Malkani & Shahana Rajani with Abeera Kamran
    Jinnah Avenue (detail)
    Still from single-screen video, 6:20 minutes
    Dimensions variable
  • Zahra Malkani & Shahana Rajani with Abeera Kamran
    Exhausted Geographies II
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