Heman Chong: Abstracts from The Straits Times
Rasheed Araeen
Heman Chong: The Past in the Story Where We Lost Count of the Days
Leang Seckon: When Head and Body Unite
Fereydoun Ave: Shah Abbas and his Page Boy
Art Basel Hong Kong 2017
Naiza Khan, Abbas Kiarostami, Rasheed Araeen
Siah Armajani
Tsherin Sherpa: Beautiful Decay
Nicole Wong: Short Stories
Rasheed Araeen: Going East
Naiza Khan: Undoing / Ongoing
Naiza Khan – The Skin She Wears.
Faiza Butt & Naiza Khan: Shifting Ground
Naiza Khan: Restore the Boundaries. The Manora Project
Nortse: Paper Dreams
Gade: Bodhi Leaves and the Little Red Book
Palden Weinreb: Veiled Realms
Faiza Butt: Symmetrical
Parallel Realities: Contemporary Tibetan Art
Leang Seckon: Hell on Earth
Lois Conner: Beijing Contemporary and Imperial
Impermanence Flyer
Art Basel Hong Kong
Erbossyn Meldibekov: Mountains of Revolution
In-Between: 21st Century Tibetan Artists Respond to 13th-15th Century Tibetan Manuscript Covers
Tsering Nyandak: The Land of No Heroes
Ma Desheng: Selected Works 1978-2013
Heterotopian Spaces of Kiarostami
Tenzing Rigdol: Darkness into Beauty
Tsherin Sherpa: Tibetan Spirits
Bandaged Landscape
Heman Chong: Book of Confusion
Heri Dono: Madman Butterfly
Shapeshifters and Aliens
Generation Exile: Exploring New Tibetan Identities
Stories of Dreams and Realities
Kesang Lamdark: Son of Rimpoche
Lois Conner: Beijing Building
Jaishri Abichandani: Dirty Jewels
Fereydoun Ave: The Sacred Elements: Wind
Shane Cotton: To and Fro
Konstantin Bessmertny: Causarum Cognitio
Leang Seckon: Heavy Skirt
Palden Weinreb – This World is Flat
Benchung – Colourful Darkness
Tsewang Tashi – Untitled Identity
Urban Spirituality – Contemporary Hong Kong Art
Erbossyn Meldibekow – The (Dis)order of Things
Anomalies – From Nature to Future
Dedron – Nearest to the Sun
Tenzing Rigdol – Experiment with Forms
Gade – Making Gods.
Gods and Monsters: Portraits of the Nyingjei Lam collection. Photographs by Caroline Chiu
Tsering Nyandak – The Lightness of Being.
Kesang Lamdark – Plastic Karma
Nortse – Self Portraits – The State of Imbalance
Twirling the Lotus. Photographs from Tibet and China by Lois Conner
Consciousness and Form – Contemporary Tibetan Art
Legacy – Contemporary Photographic Works from China
Tibetan Encounters – Contemporary Meets Tradition
Oh! What a Beautiful Day – Peter Towse and Gonkar Gyatso’s Shared Visions.
Visions from Tibet – A brief survey of contemporary painting
Martine Franck: Tibetan Tulkus – Images of Continuity, photographs by Martine Franck